Over the past few years, we have seen a number of platforms and apps pop up that allows bloggers to monetize their influence. If you are an active blogger, you have most likely been pitched by two-dozen startups wanting to help you make more money. 

It can feel impossible to sift through all of the pitches, so I have pulled together five of the best apps for monetizing your blog. 






1. Course Craft
Course craft is a simple platform that allows you to create and sell courses from any site. I use this platform for some of my own courses, and love the simple interface they have created. Course Craft allows you to launch new courses and sell them instantly in exchange for a small percentage of revenue. You can get more details here.






2. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is an amazing tool for bloggers that host regular giveaways. They allow you to create a simple widget that manages all of the details involved in hosting giveaways. Test it out the next time you are hosting a giveaway, and let us know your thoughts! 






3. Soldsie 

Soldsie allows you to sell products directly on Facebook and instagram. I have noticed a huge trend in bloggers hosting “closet sales” online, and it seems they have had some amazing results. Soldsie allows you to create a closet sale and start making money in seconds. 






4. Sellfy 

There are a billion articles across the web giving you tricks for formatting and selling your ebooks. Sellfy has made the process simple by allowing you to instantly publish and being selling PDF ebooks. Sellfy is a great solution for publishing that brilliant ebook you have been working on, or want to create a downloadble workbook for your readers. 






5. Guides.co 

Writing an ebook can feel like a never ending project. How are you supposed to find time to write a book when you spend your days writing content online? Guides.co allows you to sell digital guides that take less time to create and are more interactive than traditional ebooks. 

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  • http://draugiemgroup.com/ Davis Siksnans

    What about using ecommerce plugin like WooCommerce and pairing it up with a dropshipping service like Printful?

    • cboorn

      Thanks Davis! I don’t know anything about Printful. Going to research this now.