There are a billion guides on how to use affiliate marketing for your blog. I have (tried) to read a lot of them and was overwhelmed with all of the details involved in making money with affiliate marketing

If you love affiliate marketing or find joy in studying data and systems, this post isn’t for you. If you are looking for easy ways to monetize your blog posts with affiliate links, this post is everything you will need.

For purposes of this experiment, I am going to cover two types of affiliate programs:

Open affiliate programs, High-dollar affiliate programs and referral programs. 

Open Affiliate Programs: 

  • Low-margin affiliate programs include companies that offer a small commission for any sales you send to their site.
  • These programs offer a small percentage of sales, but have a huge inventory of product you can promote.
  • Most of these networks are easy to get into, and can be a great way to earn extra money from products you would write about organically. 
  • It can take alot of time to learn a new affiliate network, so I recommend doing some research and finding the network that makes the most sense of your blog. 
  • If you rarely cover products on your blog, you probably wont earn substantial revenue from affiliate networks. 

A few of the most popular open-affiliate programs:

Amazon Affiliates
Share a Sale
Reward Style 

High-Dollar Referral Programs:

  • High-dollar affiliate programs are companies that focus on selling one or two products, and offer a high-paying incentive for referrals you send to the site. 
  • These programs are great for bloggers at every level, because you can earn such a high commission for each referral. One post featuring the product could earn you significant revenue.
  • The key to earning revenue from these programs is to pick a couple of select products that make total sense for your audience, and promote the heck out of them. 

A few of the most popular high-dollar referral programs:
Danielle Laporte

Product Credit Referral Programs: 

  • Referral programs allow you to earn free product for every new customer you refer to the site. 
  • While these programs don’t allow you to earn money directly, they allow you to earn free products. This is a great way to promote companies you already love, and earn rewards for doing some.

A few of the most popular high-dollar referral programs: 

Gilt Group 
Stitch Fix

What affiliate programs do you recommend?

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  • Victoria H

    I have a decent amount of luck with Escalate Media. I am just starting with Share a Sale so it will take a few months to see what type of income they can bring in.