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There will always be people who will tell you that you need massive traffic to make money blogging. The reality is there are a million different ways to make money blogging, and not all of these ways require a ton of traffic. 

I recently announced a new course that will show you how to earn two thousand dollars a month off of any sized blog.

Since the announcement, I received a ton of emails wondering how it was possible to earn an extra $2K off of a small blog.

While $2K/month sounds like a huge goal, it is really just a series of baby-steps.

Here are three new ways to think about monetizing your blog: 

1. Specialize Your Niche! 

When you reach a huge audience, you have to filter through all of those people to find the ones who will buy something from you. When you specialize your content to reach the exact people you want to sell to, you build a small audience of very targeted consumers who are very likely to buy something from you. 

The more specialized the coaching business you have, the less people you need to read your blog.

For example, Michael Adams is a food expert who helps food entrepreneurs find co-packers for their product. Michael has an entire blog about creating food products, co-packing and how to make a food business successful. 

If Michael had just launched a food business blog, he would have to filter through all of his readers to find the people who had a food product they were ready to manufacturer. And the reality is? That would probably only be 5% of his entire readership. The other 95% are never going to buy something.

Instead, Michael created content that directly targets the person he is trying to reach. He is reaching the people who are actively seeking out information on how to find a co-packer. And when those people arrive on his site? He has a variety of books, software and interactive coaching to solve their problems.

2. Create a Reoccurring Revenue Stream 

The membership model is my favorite, because you can make a sale onces and have continual revenue from it.

One of my favorite blogger membership sites is from Going Home to Roost. Bonnie launched the Roost Tribe to give creative entrepreneurs access to amazing resources. 

You pay $5 and each month you get tons of premium content, free ebooks and design materials you can use for your business. 

Making that purchase is such an easy decision. You get a ton of resources for a price you cannot find anywhere else on the web.

And the best part? It is coming from a source you trust.

From a blogger perspective, this is a genius way to consistently increase the revenue you make each month without increasing the amount of work you need to do.

3. Own Your Local Region

When you think of “blogs,” most people assume they have a national (or international) readership. It’s the internet! Why wouldn’t you try to reach all of the people? 

This is the reason; regional blogs are so often overlooked. If you start a regional parenting blog, you can own the entire parenting sector of that community

MomsLa is an amazing community for moms in the Los Angeles area. They sell highly integrated partnership with local businesses, and work with national brands trying to reach that specific community.

The reason that they are so successful is that they focused their efforts on a very specific group of moms, and are able to totally own their niche.  This work in smaller regions as well. The Quad Cities Mom blog has the largest community of moms in their entire region.

Don’t overlook your local market. It can be another path to monetizing your site.

The secret to making money blogging is not reaching a billion page views and shilling for free product. The secret is figuring out what kind of business is going to work for your life, and then consistently working towards your goal.

I really hope you can join me for my course next week.  You will get access to (4) live-streamed sessions where we will discuss tons of different ways to monetize your blog, and work hand in hand to find the path that is right for you.

You can register here. 

Use the discount “BLOGBIZ” to get the course for $10. 

(Discount expires Sunday. ) 

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  • Hannah

    Excited for this course! When does it start?

  • Núria Costa

    I still can’t believe how is it possible to make 2k in a month for blogging. I got my AdSense account cancelled for illegal practices (which I am still asking what these illegal practices might be) and I can’t get an idea of what can I do now for getting money.
    I am not planning to write an ebook. What else can I do?