Last week everyone in the business blogging facebook group shared the goals they had for their blogs.  After reading all of your comments, I realized that the majority of bloggers in this group are looking for ideas to increase their traffic.

This is what inspired me to pull together 25 of my favorite tips for growing your audience. Test some (or all) of these out, and let use know what you learned along the way.

  • Create a content schedule
  • Publish 2-3 blog posts every week
  • Publish your posts on the same days each week
  • Launch a weekly series that you feature on your site
  • Launch a 30 day themed challenge
  • Feature weekly “link-ups” and email links to all of the bloggers you featured
  • Publish interviews or “feature” other bloggers on your site
  • Choose your best post and submit it to 25 relevant blogs to feature
  • Share each post on at least 3 social networks
  • Share your posts multiple times per day on Twitter, so you reach a larger portion of followers
  • Share your posts on Facebook, and pay $6.99 to “boost” the post and drive more views
  • Follow 25 new influencers in your niche on Twitter everday
  • Land 2 guest post opportunities per month
  • Tweet 1-2 links each day from someone else in your niche (include their twitter handle in each post)
  • Reply @ or re-tweet 1-2 tweets per day
  • Comment on 5-10 blog posts on relevant blogs everyday
  • Set up a newsletter list and send each post to your newsletter subscribers
  • Invite family and friends to subscribe and follow you
  • Add a link to your email signature inviting people to read your latest post
  • Email links to any brands or products you feature on your blog
  • Pitch relevant media outlets and offer yourself as an expert
  • Add “Sharebar” to your blog
  • Create “guides” that link back to evergreen content on your site
  • Publish your posts to Medium and submit to relevant magazines
  • Add the “other posts you might be interested in” app to your blog

In other news! I am hosting an online course showing bloggers how to make $2K/month off of any size blog. The course will include more than 4-hours of live video sessions where you can get ideas specifically for your blog.

I would love to see you all there, so I am offering a special discount to this group. The course is normally $47, but you can use the code “BLOGBIZ” to receive access for only $10.

Register here.           

Email me directly if you have any questions:

Writer. Entreprenuer. Digital Marketing Enthusiast. Co-founder of Quistic.

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  • Núria Costa

    That was just awesome. Thanks for the tips!

  • Tina Ihas

    I keep coming back to this list. I have a brand new blog – after ditching my old one for a newer prettier version ;) – and have been reading all of your emails religiously but this one was my favourite!

  • sparklesandglue

    I feel like you share such good tips in a very clear fashion! Thank you for sharing! I love reading your posts!