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I started blogging when I was a sophomore in college trying to figure out how to build a life for me and my toddler.

Over the years this blog has evolved and changed through the phases of my life. It started as a place to share my stories, ask questions and connect with a new community. It eventually became the foundation I used to build a career I love.
Last year, I came out, took a big job and deleted every blog post I had ever written. I spent a year traveling to-and-from New York, struggling to pull myself together and learning how to build a family. 
A few months ago, I slowly started republishing some of my old posts and wondering if maybe…possibly…I should get back into the blogging game…
I am so happy that I did.
This blog helped me build a career I love. It connected me with a community I so desperately needed, and allowed me to find alternative career paths that worked for my life. 
I launched my blogging business series as a way to get my feet wet in the blogging world. This program has reminded me how much value  this space has given my life, and inspired me to keep writing.

Today, I want to thank you.

Thank you for reading and commenting and supporting me when I needed it most. 

Thank you for helping me find my voice again.

Writer. Entreprenuer. Digital Marketing Enthusiast. Co-founder of Quistic.

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  • Valérie Laplume

    Why did you delete the old posts? you could have kept them somewhere on another blog